recognize imageRecognizing volunteers doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. Simple day to day actions like calling a volunteer by name or offering a sincere welcome or thank you can make a huge difference in a volunteer's commitment to an organization. Taking the time to make sure your organization is equipped to handle volunteers at every level from front desk to CEO can help a volunteer feel like they are truly able to make a difference.

On this page you'll find helpful tips, relevant articles, resources, and documents related to recognizing volunteers. If you have any resources, best practices or templates you'd like to share please contact Heather MacDonald, Volunteer and Community Engagement Director, via email at or 801.736.7715.


Volunteer Recognition Ideas


There are local and national recognition events and awards that organizations can nominate their volunteers for. There are also opportunities to have your organization highlighted within the community. Bookmark the resources below and make note on your calendar of any upcoming dates and deadlines to submit your nominations.

  • The Annual State Volunteer Recognition Awards: The State Volunteer Awards are presented in 10 different categories each year at the Lt. Governor's Recognition and Awards Banquet.
  • The On-Going Volunteer Recognition Certificate Program: The Lt. Governor's Volunteer Recognition Certificate program is an opportunity for nonprofit, faith-based, corporate and government agencies to recognize the on-going volunteer efforts in your agency.
  • Utah Cares: KCPW, the Utah Nonprofits Association, and Utah Public Radio are partnering to spotlight the positive impacts of local nonprofit organizations. “Utah Cares” features a series of stories from diversified nonprofits in an effort to increase the visibility of nonprofits across the state, and to inspire people to give to organizations and community groups that are essential to the health and well-being of Utah. KCPW will air the series in December, February, June and September.
  • National Volunteer Week: For more than two decades, HandsOn Network has partnered with Points of Light to celebrate National Volunteer Week, providing visibility, thematic focus and resources to enable HandsOn Network affiliates to commemorate this signature week of volunteer recognition.

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