Youth-Eagle Scouts Projects

Boy ScoutsAre you an animal lover?  Maybe reduce, reuse, recycle is your motto! You might be artistic or love reading to younger kids.  Whatever your talents and interests, you can find ways to give back to your community and make a difference in the areas you care most about.

If you are wondering how and why to get involved, here are some good reasons:

  • Volunteering can help you to explore your interests
    If you like working with kids, get involved at a summer camp or help younger students with their schoolwork. If you enjoy playing sports, play games with the kids at a neighborhood center. Look for opportunities that allow you to really explore areas that already interest you. 
  • Meet people you might not ordinarily meet
    If your grandparents have passed away or live far away and you don't get to see them often, you can become friends with a senior adult and adopt them as your "grandma" or "grandpa." By volunteering with an agency that helps refugees, you can meet people who have come here from other countries.
  • Volunteer activities add value to college applications and work resumes
    College admission staffs and potential employers are looking for well-rounded individuals who will work hard and show up on time. A good reference from an agency you've volunteered with can help them decide that you'd be a good candidate.
  • It's fun
    People who volunteer often say that they get more out of the experience than they give. Giving of your time makes you feel good about yourself and raises your self-esteem.
  • You're sharing your talents and knowledge with others
    You have skills, talents, knowledge, experience, personality and passion. Each of us is unique and has something to share with others.

If you are a youth looking for volunteer opportunities, check out our resource list of organizations who have projects for youth, or search our online database. Use the advanced search option to find opportunities available to children (5-12) and teenagers (13-17). You are also welcome to contact the United Way 2-1-1 Volunteer Center for help.

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