greg volAre you looking for ways to improve your skills, support a cause, or reconnect with others in your community?  Volunteering is a great way to give you all of that!  Whether you are a student looking to enhance your resume, a senior who has time to give back, or a professional who wants to donate professional skills, United Way 211 Volunteer Center can help you find the right opportunity.

In some ways, volunteering lets you explore things you never could as a paid employee.  We encourage you to experiment with something new and take a chance with a group or organization you’ve never been involved with before. You might just love it!

Here’s an example of how you can learn skills with an eye to your future career or utilize skills from a previous career.  If you are interested in feeding the hungry, you can:

  • Drive a truck to pick up and deliver food (profession: truck, bus, or cab driver)
  • Leverage new food providers by talking to supermarkets and restaurants (profession: administrator, grant writer)
  • Cook and serve meals (profession: caterer, server, food service)
  • Write letters to elected politicians (profession: lobbyist, writer, public policy, advocate)
Give. Donate to United Way.
Advocate. Champion the Cause.
Volunteer. Be the Change.
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