Guadalupe Community School


Guadalupe Community School is unique in that it offers a continuous range of educational and wellness services with its birth though 4th grade support system. These supports include in-home visitation, early childhood education & care, preschool, and kindergarten through 4th grade. Because students at Guadalupe are transported to school each day, the school has a low mobility rate. 

Guadalupe offers comprehensive programming and services for its families and the community through the adult education program, volunteer income tax assistance, Ballet Folklorica, after school reading interventions, and the Utah Partners for Health’s Mobile Health Clinic, to name a few. Guadalupe will expand programming and strive to broaden its reach in the Poplar Grove community. From 2008-2011, partners and programs at Guadalupe increased by at least 100%.

For years, Guadalupe has held a Kindergarten Orientation in the spring to inform parents what their children need to know before entering kindergarten and what medical evaluation, dental evaluation, and immunizations are needed before fall registration. Typically, less than half of the parents show up and even less are prepared with all of the paperwork and medical/dental evaluations or proper immunizations when school begins. The school secretary spends much of September – November following up with parents who said they would get the medical/dental and immunizations in and often forget or don’t follow through.  

As a Community School, Guadalupe worked with partners (Utah Partners for Health, Community Nursing, and the Guadalupe Preschool) to provide a full service Kindergarten Orientation. The program was run like an Open House from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with families moving from one classroom to the next. Families had an opportunity to:

  • Meet with their child’s preschool teacher to discuss their readiness for kindergarten
  • Have a medical evaluation
  • Have a dental evaluation
  • Get immunizations
  • Meet with the Kindergarten teacher to learn about the expectations for next year

The end result is that ALL of Guadalupe’s kindergarten students are already fully immunized and approximately 60% of the kindergarten students have already completed their registration paperwork. This is compared to approximately 20 percent in years past.

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