A federal law called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects students’ educational information. It states that, if a parent, guardian or eligible student gives written permission, organizations that help your students can share select educational information.
United Way of Salt Lake and numerous community partners support 14 Community Schools. In addition to education, these schools offer opportunities for health care, afterschool, tutoring, mentoring, English and citizenship classes, and other services. If your child attends a Community School you have the option to sign a FERPA waiver.
If a parent or eligible student signs a waiver, the organizations offering these services can share select information about the student, to better support the student and connect him or her to resources. By choosing to sign a FERPA waiver, a parent or eligible student allows grades, attendance, enrollments, and test records to be shared with organizations in their school. This sharing helps the organizations provide better services.
If you choose not to sign, your child can still receive services. If you choose to sign a FERPA waiver, please write very clearly, and please fill in each line (if you know the answer).
Below you can view a short video, in English or Spanish, explaining the FERPA waiver.
FERPA waivers are available at your child’s Community School, or Afterschool program.

Video in English

Video in Spanish

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