United Way of Salt Lake works in neighborhoods where problems are the most significant. By focusing on communities with unique challenges and creating solid partnerships we can create long-lasting changes.

Collective Impact: United Way's approach to Community Problem Solving.

United Way of Salt Lake has embraced a comprehensive approach to solve community problems called Collective Impact. *Collective Impact requires that everyone works together in partnership--business, cities, government, schools, churches, foundations and nonprofit organizations--to help every child succeed, every step of the way, from cradle to career.

Community Schools: Uniting with Partners to Provide Solutions for Families

Collective Impact partners unite to provide programs and services that best address the challenges facing families in their neighborhood. Together with United Way, partners align efforts and deliver programs on-site at Community Schools.

Located in schools, apartment complexes, mobile home parks, and community centers, Community Schools are the hubs of the communities they serve. Community Schools focus on education as the foundation and integrate financial stability, health, adult education, early learning, and after-school programs.


Ed 1 Ed 3  Ed 4 


Infants and toddlers demonstrate age appropriate
development and
children enter kindergarten ready to learn.


Students achieve on grade level in reading,
math, and science.


Students graduate from high school prepared for college or other post-secondary training, enroll in post-secondary education, and graduate or complete their program.

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Income 1 Health 1 BN 1


Families gain the
income and financial
tools to thrive.


Children develop
healthy behaviors and improve overall health.


People's basic needs of food, shelter, health, and safety are met.

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*Mark Kramer and John Kenla, FSG (Standford Social Review, Winter 2011)

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