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United Way of Salt Lake works with numerous partners to accomplish its goals in the community – and in many cases those partnerships involve grant funding to eligible organizations.  Funded partnerships fall into the categories of Collective Impact Partnerships and Basic Needs Partnerships – details about specific grants within these categories, including timelines, application processes and contact information can be found below:

Collective Impact Partnerships


In 2011, UWSL initiated collective impact partnerships (or Promise Partnerships) in six communities, with a seventh partnership focused on refugee youth.  These Promise Partnerships have set common agendas that include:

  • A clear set of community level objectives
  • Baseline data for the identified community level objectives
  • Target goals for each community level objective
  • A theory of change, or set of preconditions, that are necessary to address in order to reach the target goals

In addition to developing a common agenda, each Promise Partnership is developing strategic plans and implementing strategies that move the baseline of identified objectives toward target goals.


Collective Impact Investments

The purpose of UWSL’s collective impact investments is to provide funding to initiate, maintain, scale, or augment strategies that are part of a clear, collective strategic plan and that will result in the achievement of the common agenda objectives in each community. 

UWSL does not make traditional grants or have a traditional grant application process, and UWSL funds are not intended for expansion of isolated programs, but rather for implementation of collaborative, aligned, and multi-faceted strategies that have the scale and potential to reach the entire target population within the community.

UWSL investments are contingent on the existence of a clear strategic plan developed by the partnership for achieving the specific objective(s) of the common agenda that are the subject of the grant.


Investment Approach

UWSL does not accept unsolicited proposals or grant requests for collective impact work. 

UWSL’s collective impact investments are determined through a collaborative strategic planning process that: involves multiple partners, uses a rigorous analysis of data and a segmentation of the target population to assure existing and potentially new resources are targeted appropriately, and a thorough understanding of existing resources being spent, other, non-UWSL resources that can potentially be aligned, and remaining resource gaps.

As gaps and needs are identified through the planning process described above, UWSL staff work with leadership teams and partners to prepare a proposal for submission to UWSL’s Board of Directors.


Basic Needs Partnerships 

Community Infrastructure Partners
Basic Needs Community Infrastructure grants of up to $100,000 are awarded to organizations that provide unique or very extensive services in Salt Lake, Davis, Summit and/or Tooele Counties.   Infrastructure grants provide funding for programs that meet people’s basic needs of food, shelter, health and safety. Grants are awarded every three years. 

Program Support Partners
Basic Needs Program Support grants of up to $25,000 are awarded for programs and services that meet the basic needs of food, shelter, health, and safety. 

Advocacy Partners
Basic Needs Advocacy grants are awarded to organizations that focus on advocacy related to education, financial stability, health, and people’s basic needs. Organizations that qualify need to be actively involved in legislative and other public policy efforts.  

Our 2014 Basic Needs Grant Application is now available. View the sources below to see how to apply and if your organization is eligible:



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