Tocqueville Members

Tocqueville Society members as of January 1, 2013

Allen and Denise Alexander
A. Scott and Jesselie Anderson
Haven J. Barlow
Deborah S. Bayle
Robert and Jan Bayle
Scott and Cheri Beck
Colleen and Jim Bell
Mark and Karen Bouchard
H. Roger and Sara Boyer
Allison and Barry Bridges
Mona Lyman Burton
Robert and Lisa Caldwell
Carol Carter 
Lori and Geoffrey Chillingworth
Bill and Diane Crim
Josh and Julie Dalton
John B. and Flora D'Arcy
Dave and Nancy Dean
Katherine and Zeke Dumke Jr.
Rulon M. and Rebecca J. Dutson
Spencer F. and Cleone Eccles
Susan Gardner Folau and Sitani Folau
Andrew Barnes Gardner and Angela Gardner
Carolyn Barnes Gardner
Christian Kem and Marie Gardner
Kem C. and Carolyn Gardner
Matthew Lincoln and Amy Gardner
Julianne Gardner Arnell & Weston Arnell
David R. and Deanna D. Golden
Neil and Ashley Hafer
Dell Loy and Lynnette Hansen
Jacob and Elizabeth Heugly
Tom and Carol Jepperson
Ron and Janet Jibson
Peter M. and Paula Green Johnson
Robert W. Keener
LeeAnne B. and Chris Linderman
Tom and Jamie Love
Jane and Tami Marquardt
Kimberly Gardner Martin and JT Martin
Kyle and Alison McSlarrow
Mark C. and Kathie Miller
John and Anne Milliken
Jack and Melinda Pelo
Ray and Janet Pickup
Becky and Kevin Potts
Keith O. and Nancy Rattie
William K. and Julia Reagan
Bruce and Lu Anne Reese
D. Nick and Penny Rose
Gary G. and Darlene S. Sackett
Stephanie and Thomas Scheffler
Theodore G. Schmidt
Harris H. and Amanda P. Simmons
Catherine and Sean Slatter
Jennifer and Shane Smith
Dr. Charles W. and Sharee Sorenson
Susan B. and David R. Spafford
John and Denece Stillings
Ross and Jo Ann Stokes
Paul F. Stringham
Greg and Andrea Summerhays
Norman C. and Barbara L. Tanner
Dave and Kathi Thomas
Dave S. Thomas M.D. & Elizabeth Lockette
Scott and Sue Ulbrich
Craig and Christy Wagstaff
Ken and Sheryl Wainwright
David N. and Heather J. Warne
Michael and Donna Weinholtz
Dave and Sarah Wolach

Craig and Carol Zollinger

4 members wish to remain anonymous

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