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“I have been personally affected by the need for high-quality preschool options. My son has a speech delay and we were lucky enough to qualify for preschool through the school district. Without this option, my son would be entering kindergarten at a severe disadvantage, needing several resources. Because of the program, he will be starting on track with his peers. [...] Working Utah families need options, not roadblocks, to help our children succeed. Please pass HB96 for the thousands of low-income kids like my son who just need a chance.”

– David Kelly, West Jordan

“I am a person who attended a preschool program. Until my sister who is three years older then me, no one in my family graduated from high school and no one went to college. It is now 28 years later and my siblings and I, who all attended preschool, all went on to college and have great jobs. Preschool gave us the leg up that we needed to break the cycle of poverty and lack of education in my family. I truly believe it made all the difference.”

– Chanda Jenkins, Murray

"Preschool gives kids the strong start they need to be successful in school and later in life and having your child in a high-quality program gives parents the peace of mind they need, knowing that their children are in a caring, learning environment where they can thrive. HB96 is an important bill and I hope that lawmakers understand how it will truly impact all of us."

 Lillian Erickson, Murray

"I voted yes on the bill after significant analysis and a lot (to the tune of over 500 emails) of public input. [...] This bill provides a unique opportunity for parents of at-risk children to voluntarily participate in high-quality school readiness options. Programs vary and each program chooses their own curriculum, but every program must get low income kids school ready."

 Representative Becky Edwards, North Salt Lake 

“Good childhood programs is a win for all of us. It is a win for our kids; a win for our education system; and a win for the taxpayer. This should be a no-brainer”

 Representative Johnny Anderson, Taylorsville

"[Preschool] really levels the playing field and creates equity among all children to be ready for school and ready to succeed. If they’re ready to learn, that means the teacher can focus on all the kids and not a handful or more who really aren’t prepared to start learning to read." 

 Representative Carol Spackman Moss, Salt Lake City

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