School Boards Make Big Decisions

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School boards make decisions that affect children, families, teachers, and the overall quality of education.

Education is the Foundation to Community Growth

Education is the most important engine of economic growth and individual gain. Our success as a nation tomorrow depends on how well we educate our children today. It is critical that we invest in our children's education from cradle through career. If Utah wants to meet the goal of 90 percent of elementary students being proficient in math and reading and 66 percent of Utahn’s achieving postsecondary training by 2020, we must ensure we have a school board who understands the needs of children within the state and locally.  

Get to Know Your School Board Member

State and local school board members make critical decision regarding the direction of education in our state, school districts, and local schools (see below for more information). Get to know your school board members and ensure that they know what you would like to see happen with the direction of education for Utah's children. To find out what State School District you live go to the district maps, select the State Board of Education, and insert your address. When you know your district number you can go to the Utah State Board of Education's website and find out who represents you. For local school board member information go to your school districts website to find out who is on your local board.

The State School Board VS. the Local School Board

The State Board of Education maintains general control and supervision of Utah’s Public Education System and Local School Boards are responsible for implementing state rules and providing general oversight of schools in their respective districts. Their specific duties entail:

State School Board Responsibilities

  • Deciding on administrative rules for the whole system. 
  • Appoint the state superintendent of public instruction.
  • Establish minimum standards for public schools.
  • Determine the rules that establish basic ethical conduct standards for licensed public education employees.
  • Define and establish a core curriculum.
  • Annually prepare and submit to the Governor and Legislature a budget for the operation of the institutions and agencies under the Board.
  • Require each school district and charter school to implement the Utah Performance Assessment System (U-PASS).
  • Take positions on Legislation.

Local School Board Responsibilities

  • Implements the core curriculum.
  • Uses instructional materials that best relate to the core curriculum and graduation requirements.
  • Provides exams required by the State Board of Education, which measure the progress of each student, and coordinate with the state superintendent and State Board of Education to assess results and create plans to improve the student's progress.
  • Develop early warning systems for students failing to make progress.
  • Implement training programs for school administrators.
  • Local school boards shall spend minimum school program funds for programs and activities for which the state board of education has established minimum standards or rules.

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