Priscilla and Sarah's Story

Priscilla left Burma at 14-years-old after the government came into her home and arrested her parents for practicing their religion. Because her life experience had been mostly about survival, Priscilla was never able to focus on her dreams and goals. All of that changed with she met Sarah.

Volunteers Change Lives – Cindie’s Story

Kids who fall behind in reading often remain behind and are more likely to drop out of school. The Read. Graduate. Succeed. Program combats this problem by matching volunteer tutors with young students who are struggling with their reading skills. The goal is that every gains confidence and improves their reading abilities. Cindie has been a dedicated Read. Graduate. Succeed. volunteer and has seen tremendous growth in the two students she tutors weekly. Watch to see more about how volunteers can be a powerful influence and support to a struggling student.

Overcoming Odds to Find Academic Success – Amber’s Story

A 90/90/90 school is one that has been identified with the following characteristics: 90 percent or more of the students live at or near the federal poverty line, 90 percent or more of the students are ethnic minorities, and 90 percent or more of the students meet the district or state academic standards in reading, math, and science. Many of the students at Granger Elementary face unbelievable odds, yet they are consistently seeing improvements in academic achievement. Watch Amber’s story to learn how the community and community partners are rallying around the students at Granger. Learn how United Way of Salt Lake has helped implement a Community School model that has created support and opportunities for Granger students and families.

High-Quality Preschool Changes the Odds – Rebecca’s Story

With high-quality preschool, at-risk children are more likely to start school on track and stay on track. Research conducted on a Utah high-quality preschool program demonstrated that the achievement gap between low-income students and their peers who attended a high-quality program was was closed by third grade. Rebecca, a mother from South Salt Lake, shares her story of how high-quality preschool has benefited her children. Like so many parents, Rebecca has seen remarkable improvement in her children’s growth and development. Watch and find out more about how preschool is helping change the odds for Rebecca and her daughter MacKenzie and thousands of other Utah children.

High-quality Preschool Changes the Odds

Something special happened -- we started in 2006 to develop high-quality preschool programs target in our most impacted neighborhoods with our children who were deemed to be most at-risk. The results were amazing.

Destination Graduation – Asma’s Story

Anyone who wants to and has the drive can go to college. United Way of Salt Lake helps connect students and parents to available resources and opportunities to help all students on their destination to graduation. High school graduation, access to college and college graduation or post-secondary credentialing are the goals of United Way of Salt Lake and its partners to help students achieve long-term success. Watch this video to learn more about how you can get involved and see how students are overcoming unbelievable odds to achieve their dreams.

Community Schools Improve Student Outcomes – Lindsey’s Story

Lindsey is a Community School Director at Woodrow Wilson Community School. Her role at the school is to understand the needs of the students and identify specific opportunities—programs and strategies-- that will help students improve academically. Community School Directors leverage community partnerships and bring programs to the school to help improve student outcomes and programs that benefit the entire family and surrounding community. Woodrow Wilson is one of 19 United Way Neighborhood Centers where United Way of Salt Lake works with dozens of partners to help at-risk students be successful in school and in life.

Changing the Odds – Stories from Our Community

As we work in Community Schools and Neighborhood Centers throughout the valley, we hear the stories that make up our community. Stories about changed lives, big dreams, and obstacles overcome. This video tells the stories of people, programs, and schools that we're working with in order to make sure everyone in our area has the support to set goals for their future and be successful, regardless of their circumstances.

Changing the Odds – Debora's Story

It takes a lot of courage to break traditions, especially when the traditions are to drop out of school or join a gang. Debora is an inspiring student at Cottonwood Community High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. With the help of community support, she decided to create new traditions for herself. This is her story.

A Cry for Help is Always Heard – United Way 2-1-1

United Way 2-1-1, the state’s information and referral service, is a cost-effective human services delivery system. The primary purpose of 2-1-1 is to empower individuals and families with information and knowledge about health and human services, as well as to connect volunteers with meaningful opportunities to serve our community. The 2-1-1 phone number is easily accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by any phone and all calls are free and confidential. Watch and see how United Way 2-1-1 is helping connect thousands of Utahns everyday.