South Kearns Elementary

South Kearns Elementary Community School, a United Way Neighborhood Center, is the second elementary school to join the Promise Kearns Partnership, along with Oquirrh Hills Elementary, Kearns Junior High School, and Kearns High School. Together, the Kearns community schools are working with students to improve academics from cradle to career as well as connecting families and the greater community to various resources and services. South Kearns is a Title 1 school with nearly 75 percent of students qualifying for free or reduced meals. Fifty-two percent of students at South Kearns are minorities and 37 percent are English language learners. South Kearns has averages just above 60 percent proficiency in language arts and math. It is the goal of Promise Partners in Kearns to focus on improving proficiency through high quality instruction, data teams, and resources such as language arts tutoring, and high quality afterschool programming offered through the community school model.