Become a Partner

United Way of Salt Lake works with numerous partners to accomplish its goals in the community – and in many cases those partnerships involve grant funding to eligible organizations.  Funded partnerships fall into the categories of Collective Impact Partnerships and Basic Needs Partnerships.

Collective Impact Partnerships

These Promise Partnerships have set common agendas that include:

The purpose of UWSL’s collective impact investments is to provide funding to initiate, maintain, scale, or augment strategies that are part of a clear, collective strategic plan and that will result in the achievement of the common agenda objectives in each community. UWSL does not make traditional grants or have a traditional grant application process. UWSL investments are contingent on the existence of a clear strategic plan developed by the partnership for achieving the specific objective(s) of the common agenda that are the subject of the grant.

Basic Needs Partnerships

Basic Needs Partnerships are made up of Community Infrastructure Partners (up to $100,000), Program Support Partners (up to $25,000), and Advocacy Partners.

The Basic Needs Grant Applications are now closed

For more information contact:

Becky Eisinger Land Continuous Improvement Manager, Partnerships