Cradle to Career Our Community Goals

We work to advance the education, income, and health of our neighborhoods and communities to ensure every child succeeds, every step of the way, from cradle to career.

Destination Graduation to Career Goal: Goal: Students graduate from high school prepared for college or post-secondary training, enroll in college or a certificate program, graduate or complete their program, and enter the workforce.

The 21st Century global economy demands education beyond high school, whether it is a high-skilled certification or a two-year or four-year degree. Students, families, and teachers must have access to college and career information and support. A more educated community leads to enhanced economic development and an expansion of work opportunities resulting in a better quality of life for the entire community.

Higher levels of education are correlated with increased financial stability, and higher levels of civic participation including volunteerism and voting. College graduates also have lower smoking rates, more positive perceptions of personal health, and lower incarceration rates.

In order to achieve results in education, we must also focus on linking family and community support.


Families gain job stability, income, and financial tools to thrive


Children and families have access to affordable health services to improve their overall health

Basic Needs

Families have access to food, shelter, health, and safety