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The Promise of Collective Impact

The Promise of Collective Impact

"This is a long-term social change effort. It is common sense that isolated interventions do not solve problems. In Salt Lake, people get Collective Impact and want to invest in it. Business has accepted the invitation to engage with educators to change systems."

-- Scott Ulbrich, a Salt Lake business leader and chairman of the board at UWSL

Harvard Business School has released a new report, Business Aligning for Students: The Promise of Collective Impact. Over a year in the making, the report makes a powerful case for why U.S. businesses should direct their time, talent, and financial resources toward Collective Impact partnerships, and it highlights in detail one example of Collective Impact in action: the partnership that is supported – or “backboned” – by UWSL. The report describes how in Salt Lake – and other communities around the country – Collective Impact partnerships are changing outcomes for entire communities by championing shared goals, aligning resources around them, and measuring success in the same way.

"Savage Industries’ volunteers encourage the kids, sit side by side with them, and guide them through the practice problems we provide. They help the kids stay focused. They tell them how math plays a role in what they do each day. These kids are starting high school with a fighting chance."

Andy Marks, Granite Park Jr. High math teacher

Engagement by Savage employees has also benefited the company. Savage’s former CEO Allen Alexander, also a tutor, observed: “This work gives our company its soul.” If you are a business leader who supports or would like to support a new way of achieving results for our children, sign-up now to get involved.

Read the complete Harvard Business School report.

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See how Collective Impact is improving our community!

"What happens here is magic. Since engaging in Collective Impact, we have moved beyond the standard excuses that plague public education and carved new collaborative pathways to develop solutions to our problems. We have broken down the traditional schoolhouse silos, and our committees and teams now work productively with an outcomes focus."

- Amber Clayton, Granger Elementary School Principal

Business Leaders Needed!

If you are a business leader, join a Collective Impact effort in your community! Skills used in the workplace are in high demand within Collective Impact initiatives, and they welcome business’ help. Businesses can help to guide strategy, build support in the community, and support data gathering and analysis. Join the Collective Impact effort today!

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