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Trib talk: the debate over preschool in Utah

Author: Jennifer Napier-Pearce | February 10, 2014
Should early childhood education be provided at preschool or by parents? That’s the question lawmakers are grappling with as they consider HB96, which would provide funding for optional early childhood education for at-risk kids.

Committee approves preschool bill for at-risk students

Author: Benjamin Wood | Deseret News | February 6, 2014
A bill to extend preschool services to at-risk students through private investment cleared its first hurdle Thursday after surviving a lively committee hearing that questioned the government's role in early education.

Lawmakers debate home vs. preschool for youngsters

Author: Lisa Schencker | Salt Lake Tribune | February 6, 2014
The House Education Committee voted 13-3 Thursday morning to advance HB96, which would award grants to schools, families and/or day care centers to implement high quality preschool curriculum for at-risk kids.

Take the preschool pledge

Author: Studio5 with Brooke Walker | January 30, 2014
More than half of Utah kids are behind the learning curve when they enter kindergarten. One local organization is determined to do something about it this year. Andrea Summerhays with United Way helps lead the charge to convince legislators to commit to high-quality preschool programs.

United Way of Salt Lake welcomes new board members

Author: Tom Smart | Deseret News | January 27, 2014
SALT LAKE CITY — United Way of Salt Lake has welcomed Mikelle Moore and Jose Enriquez to its board of directors

In-class or at-home preschool? Utah legislators to debate funds

Author: Lisa Schencker | Salt Lake Tribune | January 27, 2014
Despite a long-held wariness of state-funded preschool in Utah, legislative leaders seem to finally agree that early education is key to helping kids succeed.

Legislative session begins Monday with bold education goals

Author: Deanie Wimmer | | January 26, 2014
Starting Monday, the next 45 days are going to be important to Utah schoolchildren. State lawmakers begin the legislative session by funding and passing policies for Utah schools.

Legislators discuss hot topics for upcoming legislative session

Author: Rachel Madison | January 16, 2014
Business and community leaders, along with Utah’s lieutenant governor and several legislators, joined The United Way of Salt Lake Wednesday for a legislative preview breakfast.

State of the county address: Mayor Ben McAdams plans to 'harness forces' for growth

Author: Whitney Evans | January 14, 2014
SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams stood next to a replica of a rocket as he spoke about his plans for the county's future.

Salt Lake County Mayor pushes preschool, community grants

Author: Mike Gorrell | January 14, 2014
Salt Lake County government will be an active player in shaping "the future we choose" rather than just responding to a fast-changing world, Mayor Ben McAdams said Tuesday in his "State of the County" speech

A better United Way

Author: Lee Benson, Deseret News | December 14, 2013
SALT LAKE CITY — Deborah Bayle sure doesn’t look like a revolutionary. No beatnik hat. No wild-eyed ranting. No raving. In her well-dressed, conservative clothes and her soft-spoken manner, everything about her screams establishment.

United Way of Salt Lake CEO to serve in national leadership position

Author: Deseret News | December 4, 2013
Deborah Bayle, president and CEO of United Way of Salt Lake, has been elected to serve on United Way Worldwide's National Professional Council, a leadership body advising on issues of importance to United Way both nationally and in local communities.

Doing it right! United Way of Salt Lake

Author: Gary Goscenski, Perspectives for United Way | November 23, 2013
One of the hardest things for a United Way to do is to put their message on a billboard. Why? Because most United Ways are unable to simplify their message to fit on a billboard. The challenge of telling the United Way story in a few words is nearly impossible for many United Ways. One United Way that has figured out how to put their message on a billboard effectively is United Way of Salt Lake (Salt Lake City, Utah). Here are four of their billboards:

United Way of Salt Lake holding winter clothing drive

Author: Deseret News | November 20, 2013
United Way of Salt Lake is sponsoring a warm winter clothing drive and has compiled a list of more than 50 volunteer opportunities to support families in need

Holiday giving

Author: | November 19, 2013
VIDEO: To give help, visit or dial 2-1-1 Holiday Volunteer and Donation Opportunities• With the 2013 holiday season upon us, there are many opportunities to volunteer your time or donate to those who need it most.

Mayor Ben McAdams, educators encourage students to apply to college

Author: Benjamin Wood | Deseret News | November 11, 2013
MURRAY — This week, hundreds of Utah high school seniors will submit college and university applications as part of a push to increase enrollment in higher education.

Making Utah the best place for business and kids

Author: Karen Crompton and David Milliken | November 9, 2013
As much of the country continues to grapple with the economic downturn, our state’s economy has expanded at a rate of 2.3 percent since 2006. For three years in a row Utah has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as the best state for business.

All Utahns must work to close the educational gender gap

Author: Jennifer Smith, WLC Chair, EVP & Director of Corporate Bank Operations, Zions Bancorporation | November 5, 2013
Post-secondary education enrollment figures for Utah women have steadily declined since the early 1990’s, a trend that has resulted in the gap between males and females attaining four-year college degrees rising to six percent. No other state is even close to a gap this size. This reality has severe consequences on our state’s economy and families. According to new research, due to lower education levels, women in Utah currently earn only 70 cents for every dollar men earn— the fourth highest disparity rate in the nation.

United Way power of your purse on Fresh Living

Author: | October 17, 2013
United Way Power of Your Purse Jennifer Smith of Zions Bancorporation and Cathy Angstman of Well Fargo are here to tell us about the "United Way of Salt Lake's Women's Leadership Council Power of Your Purse" event.

Community gives back through United Way Day of Caring

Author: Nadine Wimmer | KSL | September 12, 2013
SALT LAKE CITY — More than 115 companies and 4,000 volunteers in Utah participated in the annual United Way Day of Caring, a community-wide service effort benefiting over 100 non-profit organizations

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