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Public preschool expansion gets early OK from House

Author: Morgan Jacobsen | March 7, 2016
SALT LAKE CITY — A proposal to expand public preschool offerings for Utah's youngest students is on its way to the House after getting unanimous support from a committee of lawmakers Monday.

Committee approves $11.5M bill to expand public preschool

Author: Morgan Jacobsen | February 4, 2016
SALT LAKE CITY — Adding to a legislative focus on early childhood education, lawmakers gave early approval Thursday to a bill that would expand preschool offerings to Utah children.

Senate committee OKs $11M expansion of public preschool in Utah

Author: Benjamin Wood | February 4, 2016
Between 3,000 and 4,000 Utah children would have access to public preschool and early education programs if a bill approved unanimously by a Senate committee on Thursday becomes law.

3 ways Utahns can be 'all in' for schools and kids

Author: Deanie Wimmer | January 30, 2016
As the Legislature begins to tackle the herculean task of funding Utah schools, every Utahn can also play a role in supporting education and ensuring all children succeed.

Op-ed: ‘Promise Partnership’ is producing real results

Author: Martin Bates and Mark Bouchard | January 16, 2016
Nearly one in three of Utah's children live in the Promise Partnership Region, and "Results Matter: The 2016 Results Report of the Promise Partnership Regional Council" describes how we are working together differently so that every child in our region can reach eight crucial milestones.

United Way echoes call for early childhood education funding

Author: Morgan Jacobsen | January 13, 2016
SALT LAKE CITY — Community leaders are joining a chorus of advocates calling on lawmakers to expand funding for preschool and optional extended-day kindergarten in Utah.

Photos: Woodrow Wilson Elementary students are given the gift of literacy

Author: Laura Seitz | December 17, 2015
Woodrow Wilson Elementary School students try to get a peek at Santa Claus during an assembly at the Salt Lake City school on Thursday. Santa was joined at the assembly by KSL-TV's Deanie Wimmer to tell the students that almost 2,000 books have been provided for a new school library as part of Read Today, a high-impact literacy program.

Pay for preschool success

Author: Katherine B. Stevens | December 9, 2015
An innovative new approach to results-based public financing called Pay for Success hit an unexpected bump in the road last month. The country’s second Pay for Success project, a preschool program in Salt Lake City, Utah, reported strong results which, after initial acclaim, were heavily criticized for overstating the project’s benefits.

In our opinion: Salt Lake County considers Pay for Success initiative

Author: Deseret News | December 8, 2015
The Salt Lake County Council vote today could clear the way for an innovative approach that tackles chronic homelessness while saving taxpayers money.

Coats for Kids helps schoolchildren brave the winter

Author: Chris Larson | December 2, 2015
Larry H. Miller Sports and Entertainment donated 1,030 winter jackets and matching Utah Jazz beanies to 11 local schools identified by the United Way of Salt Lake on Wednesday.

John Hoffmire: 'Pay for success' — when government, private and community interests align

Author: John Hoffmire | November 23, 2015
John Hoffmire John Hoffmire Deseret News Summary In the last few years, innovative “pay for success” programs are transforming the way in which government develops and implements policy in various places around the country, including Salt Lake City. Not all government policies are as effective as intended. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including failure to thoroughly research a policy’s consequences or a misunderstanding about which people will be affected. Often policies are proposed based on stories and anecdotes rather than data, or no measurable goals are proposed to accompany a policy. In the last few years, innovative “pay for success” programs are transforming the way in which government develops and implements policy in various places around the country, including Salt Lake City.

Is collective impact the answer for at-risk students?

Author: Morgan Jacobsen | November 19, 2015
Ensuring a capable and confident workforce for Utah's economy first requires helping students see something in themselves they may not know exists. It requires embracing cultural differences. It requires adopting an expectation of success for every student. It requires the combined efforts of teachers, policymakers and families.

Letter: Stand by Pay for Success

Author: Robert Dugger | November 14, 2015
As the co-founder of ReadyNation and a stalwart supporter of quality early learning, I agree with the educators and researchers who are saluting the success of the Pay for Success approach that's making quality preschool available to Salt Lake County youngsters.

Why Social Impact Bonds still have promise

Author: Kenneth A. Dodge | November 13, 2015
The most intriguing innovation of the century in public financing of social services is suddenly at risk of being flushed down the drain. “Pay for success” programs, otherwise known as social impact bonds, are a way for government to secure private investment in social programs and to minimize risk because payback with interest to the investor occurs only upon proof that the program achieves successful outcomes.

Editorial: Readiness program worth pursuing, even with doubts

Author: The Salt Lake Tribune | November 9, 2015
Frustrated by the eternal unwillingness of the Utah Legislature to properly fund K-12 education, much less preschool, the United Way, Salt Lake County and other education advocates joined with the bankers at Goldman Sachs and the philanthropists of the J.B. Pritzker Foundation to create the School Readiness Initiative.

Organizers of Utah’s privately funded preschool program stand behind model after NYT criticism

Author: BENJAMIN WOOD | November 6, 2015
Utah government officials, community advocates and investment bankers joined together last month to tout the early success of a preschool program funded through a private loan. Out of 110 at-risk students who were academically behind their peers when the program started, only one required costly special education services during kindergarten.

When Solid Data Leads to Action – Kids’ Lives Improve

Author: Bill Crim | November 5, 2015
Every day, in classrooms in our state and across the country, thousands of kids get left behind because adults fail to take advantage of opportunities that could change the trajectory of their lives forever. We are incredibly proud that in Utah, the status quo is not good enough. We are proud we have data driven preschool providers focused on closing the opportunity gap, and we are proud our elected officials and business leaders are willing to innovate in order to improve educational outcomes that are no longer acceptable.

How Goldman Sachs made money investing in preschool in Utah

Author: Emily DeRuy | October 28, 2015
The Wall Street firm issued a first-ever social impact bond as a test case and the results are in. In the Utah pro­gram’s first co­hort, 595 3- and 4-year-olds at­ten­ded preschool. Ini­tial test­ing sug­ges­ted that 110 of them would likely need spe­cial edu­ca­tion in grade school. Of those stu­dents, just one needed spe­cial-edu­ca­tion ser­vices.

Data Driven Collective Impact and Early Childhood Education

Author: Jeff Edmondson & Bill Crim | October 28, 2015
KNOWLEDGEWORKS brings us information on "Social Impact Bonds" focusing on United Way of Salt lake City's first ever "PAY FOR SUCCESS" program designed to expand success for Early Childhood Education. with Jeff Edmondson of "Strive Together and Bill Crim, CEO of United Way of Salt Lake.

The role of business in Collective Impact

Author: Allen Grossman & Ann Lombard | October 27, 2015
A new report highlights how the business community’s support and expertise can greatly enhance the odds of success for collective impact efforts in education.

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