KSL covers Harvard Business School's report on Collective Impact

September 28, 2015
Author: KSL 5 News at 6

Video Transcript:

The Harvard Business School issued a report today that highlights Salt Lake City and the United Way for their effective approach to community problems.

Deanie shows this model in action.

This may look like any pre-school, but it's as much a community laboratory. Kindergarten readiness has jumped from 54-to 61% in just a few years.

Bill Crim/CEO, United Way of Salt Lake: "When you can see entire communities getting better in 3rd grade reading... that tells you there's promise here."

Promise in addressing complicated community issues to get this school success, they didn't focus just on reading.

Dr. Martin Bates/Superintendent Granite School District: "One of the biggest challenges that kids have to learning, we've found, is rotten teeth."

That is what the school addressed by bringing together health care providers, business and other partners. 

Dr. Martin Bates: "we all sit down together , bring the resources we have to the table and talk about alignment."

"Bill Crim/CEO, United Way of Salt Lake: "Too often we look at education as an isolated thing we can fix."

This collective impact approach won praise from harvard researchers who call it a "good bet" at achieving sustained education outcomes.

Martin bates: "We've noticed some real acaemic and behavioral results. it really makes a difference."

Those kinds of measurable results is what also makes the United Way of Salt Lake a stand out nationwide.

Bill Crim: "When we hold ourselves accountable differently, to outcomes that we can't achieve by ourselves, we can solve these problems."