Granite receives special award from United Way of Salt Lake

May 15, 2013
Author: Steven Powell

In a ceremony recognizing exemplary community and business partners, Granite School District received the 2013 Promise Partner of the Year award from United Way of Salt Lake.

The award recognizes partners that work together to achieve greater impact in the community. Superintendent Martin Bates accepted the award on behalf of the district.

“When we work together to leverage our resources, we close the achievement gap,” Dr. Bates said.

In addition to the award, the United Way recognized Granite’s partnership preschool, in which participating children are 77% more likely to be ready for kindergarten than those who receive no formal education prior to elementary school.

From United Way:

“Creating solutions to complex problems is difficult for one organization to tackle alone. To truly improve lives, strengthen communities, and create lasting change requires collaboration and partnership across community sectors. United Way of Salt Lake is committed to uniting individuals and organizations that share its vision for change and have the passion and expertise to solve problems. This cross-sector collaboration is exemplified in this year’s Promise Partner of the Year honoree, Granite School District.

Granite School District demonstrates the kind of partners and partnerships that will make a difference in the days and years ahead as United Way of Salt Lake works to create opportunities for children and families from cradle to career. Granite School District has committed to a joint approach to problem solving and shares United Way of Salt Lake’s vision for change.

Granite School District has shown tremendous leadership in the formation of Promise Partnerships in three separate communities where United Way of Salt Lake works – South Salt Lake, West Valley/Granger, and Kearns. Superintendent Martin Bates has shown his commitment to community partnerships through his support and direction of school principals, alignment of district initiatives such as high-quality pre-school and services for refugee students, openness and flexibility to work in complex partnerships in multiple communities, and personal attention to and involvement in all aspects of United Way of Salt Lake’s Collective Impact work. Dr. Bates takes a very hands-on approach to working with United Way of Salt Lake’s staff to support the Promise Partnerships.

Dr. Bates and Granite School District have a deep commitment to the vision of a future that builds on the strengths inherent in a diverse community. Their courageous leadership is helping to build a strong foundation for Collective Impact that will result in long-term transformation in multiple communities.

Because of this dedication to collaboration and community change, United Way of Salt Lake honors Granite School District as the 2013 Promise Partner of the Year.”