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Women for Educational Achievement

The WLC's focus on Women for Educational Achievement is paving the way for girls and teen to obtain post-secondary education. Through the power of philanthropy, this energetic and diverse network of women is creating a brighter and more prosperous future for our entire community.

Reality for Utah women

Women who complete post-secondary education

Women for educational achievement efforts focus on the following goals, objectives, and strategies:


  • Elementary school students achieve on grade level in reading and math by third grade
  • Middle school students will be actively engaged in their education
  • High school graduation rates will measurably improve
  • College graduation/post-secondary completion will be a major area of focus


  • Influence individuals and cultural factors impacting success in the education system
  • Support a curriculum that highlights college/post-secondary education
  • Address financial issues that impact the ability to pursue college/post-secondary education
  • Coordinate/collaborate with other local constituents who are active in promoting education in our community


  • Building awareness
  • Providing mentors
  • Increasing parent engagement/involvement