Leadership Circle Membership List

Greg and Julie Aiken
Louis O. Alder
Allen and Denise Alexander
Joel Alindogan
Diana M. Andersen
Michael and Trin Anglin
Catherine and Barry Angstman
Christine Arthur
Kirk and Katie Aubry
David Baldridge and Dee Munson
Ben and LaraLyn Bardwell
Gene and Marghi Barton
Lori L. Barton
Larry and Amanda Barusch
Colleen and Jim Bell
Matt and Trisha Bennett
Selena Benson
Heather Bertotti Sarin and Neil Sarin
Peter and Margaret Billings
C. Kim and Jane C. Blair
Miki H. Bode
John Bolas
Shauna Bona
Jeffrey Bowman
Jake and Angela Boyer
Douglas and Deanna Brandau
Sharon Broadwater
Michael and Linda Brough
Shelene S. Brown
Laurie R. Bruno
William Cody Bulkley
Tori and Jamie Burns
L. Bradley and Sandee Burton
Rey Butcher and Lillie Garrido
Sheldon E. Byde
Melissa A. Byington
Jeffrey Joel Callor
Chiara D. Cameron
David and Susan Carlebach
Victoria L. Chadwick
Douglas K. and Catherine J. Christensen
Kim F. Christensen
Paula G. Chu
Brian and Mirien Church
Jenniffer and Phillip Clark
Gayleen Coates
Richard and Stefanie Curtis
Michael and Jolene Daley
Sonjia Daniels
Mark and Joan Danninger
Robert Delahunty and Pamela Wirthlin
LeAnn Wendt Dickerson
Curtis and Susan Dowd
Sheri Doyle Martinez
Del and Mary Draper
Rulon M. and Rebecca J. Dutson
Brenda Ehrler
Aaron S. Evans
Ryan T. Evans
Michael R. Fife
Travis and Madaly Finstad
Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher
Kelly Flint and Julie Matis
Ron and Kathi Floisand
Edward and Becky Fowler
Jackie Francis
Jay and LeeAnn Francis
Susan and Dennis Fredette
Jeff and Nicole Freeman
Elizabeth Garbe
Cory L. Gardiner
Greg and Suzanne Gardner
Christian and Marie Gardner
Mike Gill and Judy Marostica
Brian W. Gochnour
Michelle Gordon
Lisa Payne Grabl
Tracee A. Greco
Brent and Jana Greenhalgh
Melisse L. Grey
Richard and Mary Kay Griffin
Devin Grim
Kevin and Joanne Grimmett
Neil and Ashley Hafer
Michelle W. Hamilton
Kirsi P. Hansen
Lori and Chuck Harding
Todd U. Harris
Jane F. Harrison
Julie Hartley-Moore
Shane D. Hillman
David T. Hilton
Sarah B. Hiza
Lance A. Hobbs
Vaughn Holbrook
Todd and Katherina Holzhauser
Gary and Crystal Hoogeveen
Shana L. Hopperstead and Ross J. DiCaprio
Diane and Mike Horrocks
Barbara Horwitz
Debra H. Hoyt
Greg and Krista Hughes
Alexander J. Hume
Joseph Jacquez
Mark E. Janssen
Morris and Mary Jane Jensby
Lisa Jensen
Scott E. Jensen
Lourdes Johnson
Kristine Jones
Robert J. Jones
Ronald and Holly Jorgensen
Jonathan and Cathleen Kay
Shelley Wright Kendrick
John Kershner
Lisa Kimball
Chris and Ashley Kirkpatrick
Kelly Kiyota

Steve and Kaleen Knight
David Koenig
Kenneth W. Kraudy
Glen and Julie Kuball
Jamie and Dawn Lacher
Derek and Holly Langton
A. David Lapadat Jr.
Bruce and Gayle Larson
Daniel L. Lattin
James B. and Evelyn B. Lee
Adam Leishman
Chris and Laura Lewon
Mark R. Lewon
Troy A Lindquist
Michael R. and Janet Little
Abigail Magrane
Mike and Mary Malmquist
Brad L. Markus
Judy Marostica
Drew Martinez and Brett Nestman
Jason and Jeannie Mathis
Michael and Elizabeth McCarthy
Terri R. McCarthy
Johnnie C. McCord
Jason Thomas Mecham and Heather Thomas
R. Scott and Tammi Messersmith
Sheryl Metz
Debra S. Meyer
Gil and Mary Ann Miller
Cecilia L. Mitchell
Matthew and Andrea Mitton
Debi A. Mofford
Sergio Molina
Elliot and Doris Marie Morris
Scott and Kerry Mower
Mollie Murphy Dale
Brian and Elizabeth Myrdal
Janet L. Ogden
Jennifer B. Olsen
Nancy L. Olson
Gregory E. and Karla K. Paige
Roger and Tricia Parkin
John Pedersen
Jack and Melinda Pelo
Joan and Alan Peterson
Darren R. Peterson
Michael P.and Angela C. Petrogeorge
Michael and Mary Plaizier
Edwin L. Prince
Jeannette Prochazka
Matthew and Lisa Radke
Christina D Reddout
Margaret M. Reed
Richard R. Reed
Gavin and Nicole Reese
Bret W. Reich
Robert Rendon
John Richards
Pete and Sandy Richards
Gladys Richardson
Kevin and Holly Ricklefs
Donald K. Roberts
Robin A. Rockwood
Monique P. Russek
Pam and John Sanders
John and Lisa Savage
Nathan N. and Shannon W. Savage
Stephanie and Thomas Scheffler
Jeffrey and Cathrine Schreiber
Gayl K. Schwab
David G. Sebesta
Darren and Michelle Shepherd
Brad J. Sheppard
Christene Sherwood
Brad Simons and Tracy Cottle
Catherine and Sean Slatter
Catherine and Sean Slatter
David and Tiffany Smith
Jennifer and Shane Smith
Lawrence Solis
Paola Stauffer
Dale and Darci Stephens
Richard S. Stevenson Jr.
Gary and Debbie Stidham
Laura E. Stireman
Leif E. Summerhays
Melinda Swensen
Michael and Gretchen Teske
Bradley and Brandy Tilt
Ellen and Lawrence Toscano
Jeff and Erin Trenbeath-Murray
Federico Turatti
Leigh Ann Turner
Steven K. Verno
Pauline G. Vosburgh
Tammy and Blake Wade
Nico and Heidi Walker
Kathy L. Warner
Tricia Warnken
Brent Watson
Mike and Sara Watts
Jarred and Stephanie Wells
Vicki Lee Werling
Hugh A. and S. Elizabeth Wetmore
Rick and Karen Widner
Ali Wilkinson
Michael W. Willhard
Wade S. Williams
Andrea Wolcott and Gus Schultz
Preston Elliott Wood
Dan Woolley
Janice Worsley
Terry and Dori Wright
Thomas and Caroline Wright
Lee and Loretta Wuchner
Sid and Marcia Young
John Youngren
Michael A. Zody

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Updated on June 4, 2015