Watching Utah Legislative Session
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Take Action!

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Engaging in public policy advocacy is a powerful way to make a difference in people's lives. You can learn more about the issues that United Way of Salt Lake is passionate about and send an email directly to your legislators to let them know what is important to you.

Utah State School Board: Why should YOU care?

Students at Guadalupe School studying

Have you ever wondered what the State School Board actually does? Or, what control and responsibility they have in shaping the path of education? How does the School Board impact your local school district and schools? This November, HALF of Utah’s State School Board members will be on the ballot, and ALL but one district will be on the primary ballot this June.

Your Vote Counts!

Utah State Capitol

2016 is a big election year. The easiest and most effective way to share your voice is to make sure you’re registered to vote, then vote! Here in Utah, it is really easy to register, and lookup your voter status. Have you recently moved? Has it been awhile since you voted last? Do you know if your county votes by mail? Use the resources listed below to make sure you’re ready for the Primary Election on June 24th and the General Election on Tuesday, November 8th.

Days on the Hill

Day on the Hill

Thanks for joining us on the Hill!

During the legislative session, have a hands-on experience meeting with your legislators in person, touring the capitol building, learning about the process, or simply observing a chamber session. Stay tuned for the next Day on the Hill!

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