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Learn the Issues

Because no single organization or single sector working alone can solve our communities’ most serious problems, United Way believes we must work together to unite nonprofit and private sector efforts with those of local and state governments. For this reason, public policy advocacy is a key Collective Impact strategy to achieve our mission and goals. United Way of Salt Lake works with its Board of Directors and a broad array of community stakeholders to identify and address important public policy issues. The public sector is a critical decision-maker and partner in providing health, education, and human services, and state, local, and federal laws and budget decisions affect many of the critical programs that are necessary to create lasting changes.

See how the bills we tracked fared this session with our comprehensive bill tracker.

Utah State School Board: Why should YOU care?

Students at Guadalupe School studying

Have you ever wondered what the State School Board actually does? Or, what control and responsibility they have in shaping the path of education? How does the School Board impact your local school district and schools? This November HALF of Utah’s State School Board members will be on the ballot and ALL but one district will be on the primary ballot this June. Join us for an interactive public forum with special guests on a LIVE panel to find out why it’s important to know who wants to represent YOU!

Your Vote Counts!

Utah State Capitol

2016 is a big election year. The easiest and most effective way to share your voice is to make sure you’re registered to vote, then vote! Here in Utah, it is really easy to register, and lookup your voter status. Have you recently moved? Has it been awhile since you voted last? Do you know if your county votes by mail? Use the resources listed below to make sure you’re ready for the Primary Election on June 24th and the General Election on Tuesday, November 8th.

Partnerships for Student Success

Souther Kearns Community School Students

We can create lasting change for all Utah students by developing strong partnerships across the state with a shared vision and goals. These cross-sector partners align their efforts around measurable outcomes and provide services to support students and their families from pre-k to college. At community schools, partners integrate education, health, basic needs, tutoring, afterschool programs, and more for student success.

High-Quality Pre-K

high quality preschool students

Two years ago, Utah began to invest in high-quality preschool, recognizing early learning opportunities are crucial to children's ability to enter kindergarten on track and stay on track, especially low-income, at-risk children. Currently, we are only reaching a small number of children who could benefit from access to these programs. An increased investment in high-quality preschool, in a variety of settings, is essential for our children and state's future success.

2-1-1 Makes a Difference


United Way 2-1-1 is a resource for those who are having difficulty navigating the overwhelming human service system or don't know where else to turn. Through specialized assessment and referral training, information specialists are able to understand callers' situations and make referrals based on their specific needs. 2-1-1 also helps connect volunteers with opportunities to serve in the community. In order to provide this crucial service to people throughout Utah, it depends on state financial support.