As an advocate, you can help influence important decisions that affect at-risk children and families in our community.

State government is a critical partner in furthering our work and achieving our goals. Despite the committed efforts of Utah’s nonprofit organizations and the generous support of Utah’s private sector and religious communities, our resources alone cannot achieve long-term community-level change. Public sector partnerships and investments are also needed in order to achieve lasting solutions to the challenges our communities face.

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"I learned two valuable lessons this year: the importance of being proactive to make sure my voice is heard and our local representatives are much more accessible than most of us realize."

- Mike Kirby

What does it take to be an advocate?

Contacting your local representative may seem intimidating, but after giving it a try, you'll likely find it wasn't as scary as you thought.

The first step is knowing who your legislators are. Use this tool search who represents your district:

Second, learn the basics of getting to know your legislators: