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We know your needs are urgent and diverse. For this reason, we created a comprehensive list of contact information for local resource providers who address common needs. That way you can always have this important information at your fingertips. If you still are unable to find what meets your needs, our Information Specialists have access to a massive resource information pool, so do not hesitate to give them a call when searching for help. Needs-based resource lists are created as a tool to help distribute information about resources related to specific needs, however, the lists are not representative of all the information that 2-1-1 has available.

Even if you're not looking for personal help, feel free to print and circulate these resource lists to anyone in need of this information. Do remember that these services, phone numbers, and addresses may change. United Way 2-1-1 will update the lists as often as needed, so please check back to be sure you are distributing the most current list. Old and outdated information will only frustrate those seeking help. If you have any questions, suggestions, or updates, don't hesitate to dial 2-1-1!

Resource Lists By Need

Visit CommunityPoint for a complete listing of resources statewide.

Check our Recursos En Español to find the lists we have translated into Spanish.
For resource lists serving Utah County, Wasatch County, or the Five or Six County areas, please visit United Way of Utah County.